An Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Ardara United Presbyterian Church


Trusting God, Ardara Chruch has pledged $25,000 to build a church in the village of Gbenekoro. 

You have a wonderful opportunity to help us with this mission:

Mission packets are located at both main entrances to the church scanturary.

In this packet you will find a message about our goal to build this church. On this message paper there is a single paper "brick" that will help  "build" our paper church here and a very real and sturdy church building in Sierra Leone.

Use the envelope to save $250.00.  When you have reached that goal, turn in your donation and place your "brick" with the others to complete the church's construction.  Then, if you are willing, take another envelope to add another brick!

Also included in this packet is a photo of Pastor Meyers' trip to Sierra Leone where God placed upon his heart the desire to build this much needed place of worship. This is a chance to see the people who will benefit from your generosity. 

(There are 10 different photos....add more bricks to collect them all!!)  

Thank you for your willingness to be a part of this special mission opportunity.  Your efforts will go toward giving the people of Gbenekoro, Sierra Leone, Africa a place to meet, a place to worship, and a place to commune together as the Chruch.